The Next Curse - walkthrough


This document has 2 parts - hints and full walkthrough. I advise you to read the hints before reading the full walkthrough.



Part 1: Hints


Talking to the pig:

There's something wrong with the sign near the pig. Fix it.


Talking to the Colorman:

The Colorman has some sort of 'screening system'. Pick up the Colorman's sign, and show it to someone smart. He'll tell you how to talk to him.


Getting the mouse:

Obviously, you'd do it by tempting the mouse with some cheese. But just giving the cheese will achieve nothing, so you have to attach something to the cheese. After you do it, it's still not enough, because the mouse will take a bite and run away. You have to make the mouse get stuck to the cheese. Use something on the cheese, but make sure the color of the cheese will be yellow. The Colorman might help you.


Killing the owl:

The owl is standing on top of the tower, so you have to throw something at it. To get this thing, you have to disturb someone who holds a lot of those things.


Buying the boat from Shawn Hung:

You'd have to come up with 500$. Find a man who's willing to pay that much. OK, so you need to make the game delayed. The crazy fans of the Green Lanterns don't like the color RED, and you can guess what they'll do to someone who will dare to sit among them with something red. Look for a guy who is going to the game to support the Green Lanterns, and give him what he wants. This thing you'd give him will change its color during the game, thanks to the Colorman...


Finding the ingredients:

1. Blood of an animal - after you killed the owl, find a way to get some of its blood.

2. Salt - find a liquid that contains salt.

3. Fur of a pet - Switch the toy cat with the preserved cat in the museum. The guard is in your way? Proceed to the next hint...


Getting rid of the museum guard:

Go to the second room of the museum, and make the giant look dead. Call the guard to check up on him, and he probably wouldn't hear you. So how can you draw his attention? Think about this: the guard is DEAF, not BLIND...


Finding the Noxo in Konan Island:

You have to find a key to the trapdoor. It's inside the tree. Break the tree, and look inside. There's a key, deep down. Your hands are too short to reach it, so find a different approach: make the key come to your hands! Hint: the key is made of wood.


Part 2: Full Walkthrough (if the hints didn't help)


1. Look at the garbage can, to take the cheese. Leave the room.

2. Talk to the scarecrow about everything. Walk down the path.

3. Use the crowbar on the opposite 'K' in the sign. Talk to the pig about everything. Go back to the scarecrow screen, and walk right. Enter the museum.

5. Walk left, to the second room. Use the crowbar on the case. Look at it twice to get an axe and a fork. Use the fork on the cheese. Leave the museum.

6. Talk to the scarfs seller and buy a red scarf. Walk right. Enter the shop.

7. Look at the toy cat. Talk to the cashier to buy the cat. Leave the shop.

8. Talk to the Colorman. Pick up the sign next to him. Show the sign to the scarecrow. Talk to the Colorman again about everything. Walk right. Enter the office.

9. Talk to the manager about everything. Leave the office.

10. Talk to the fan about everything. Walk Left.

11. Give the red scarf to the Colorman, and ask him to "change its color to the color of the grass". Walk right.

12. Give the green scarf to the fan; he will give you a camera and leave. Enter the office to claim your 500 dollars from the manager. Leave the office. Walk right.

13. Use the cheese&fork on the barrel of tar. Talk to Shawn Hung about everything. Give Shawn your 500 dollars, he will give you oars. Use the oars on the boat. Go to Bonnet Island.

14. Enter the castle. Talk to the maid about everything. Return to Kurt Island.

15. Talk to the scarecrow again (about the potion making), He'd give you a tube.

16. Go to the Colorman, and give him the tarred cheese. The cheese is yellow now use it on the mouse hole (in the first room). You'd get a toy mouse.

17. Go to the screen where the museum is, and use the mouse on the acrobat. Take one plate.

18. Go to the screen where the office is, and use the plate on the owl. Use the axe on the dead owl. Use the tube on the sliced owl to take some of its blood.

19. Enter the museum second room. Use the blood on the giant, and use the camera on the giant to take a photo of it. Show the photo to the guard. Pick up the big sign and use it on the entrance to the second museum room. Use the crowbar on the nails (where the sign was). Use the nails on the sign, to lock the guard inside.

20. Use the toy cat on the preserved cat, to switch them. Give the preserved cat to the scarecrow.

21. Take some more blood from the owl (with the tube) and give it to the scarecrow.

22. Use the tube on the ocean, to get some salty water, and give the water to the scarecrow. You'd get the "nice" potion.

23. Go to Bonnet Island, and enter the castle. Use the "nice" potion on the food tray. Go outside, and come back. Enter the witch's room, and talk to her. You'd get the cure potion.

24. Go back to Kurt Island, and give the cure potion to Erwin (the pig). You will now be at Bonnet Island. Notice the door to the castle is locked. There's a path around the house, to the right - use it. Climb up the window. After you've seen the conversation, you'd be back at Kurt Island.

25. Go to Erwin. You'd see that he already drank the potion, and he's going to die.

26. Ask the scarecrow for help. Go to Konan Island (with the boat).

27. Look at the tree. Use the crowbar on the tree. Look and interact with the hole.

28. Fill the tube with ocean water, and purr the water into the tree. Do it again. Take the key. Walk Right.

29. Use the key on the trapdoor's lock. Take the Noxo. Notice a purple flower between the yellow and red flowers, pick it up.

30. Walk left. Use the oars on the boat. Go back to Kurt Island.

31. Sit back and enjoy...